Friday, March 8, 2013

My Week 3/4-3/8

During this week iHave learned how to change paper size, sort, bullet, how to clear formatting, and how to changer character spacing.

Changing the paper size is what it sounds like!

Sorting sorts the order of a select text in acending or descending order by many factors.

Bulleting pust each section of words in to bullets
  • Its
  • like
  • this
Clear Formating formats the selected text to default spacing, font size, etc.

Change character spacing changes the spacing between paragraphs either befor or after

iLearnd so much! Isnt Bussiness Info Management Wonderful!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good ole Formatting Documents

Two days ago in BIM class I learned about cut, paste, and copy.

Copy using the keyboard is Ctrl+C, Cut is Ctrl+X, and Paste is Ctrl+V. The other shortcuts included the use of the mini toolbar, and the ribbon. I only use the keyboard shortcuts because thay are quick. Most of papers are copy paste and edit... So I really do have knowledge of these shortcuts.

I also learned abut the different formats of paragraphs. Left align had the tex coming out for the righ side of the page. Left align had the text coming of form the left side of the page. Center align had that text centerd in the middle of the page.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Learning Shortcuts...

Yesterday in BIM class I learned the shortcuts to bolding, italicising, and and underlining. And I learned that typing in =rand() will give three loooonnnnng paragraph about Word. Even though I knew about the italicising, bolding, and underlining shortcuts, the three paragraph thing was new to me.

The shortcut using the "Ctrl + B,I, or U" was helpful, it is helpful right now, because it was quick and easy to perform. Also, I liked using the mini toolbar. As soon as you select text it appears transparently and once you move the cursor to it, is appears fully.

These shotcuts were helpful, and like today i will use them to quickly get things done!