Friday, October 5, 2012

Learning Shortcuts...

Yesterday in BIM class I learned the shortcuts to bolding, italicising, and and underlining. And I learned that typing in =rand() will give three loooonnnnng paragraph about Word. Even though I knew about the italicising, bolding, and underlining shortcuts, the three paragraph thing was new to me.

The shortcut using the "Ctrl + B,I, or U" was helpful, it is helpful right now, because it was quick and easy to perform. Also, I liked using the mini toolbar. As soon as you select text it appears transparently and once you move the cursor to it, is appears fully.

These shotcuts were helpful, and like today i will use them to quickly get things done!


  1. i as well learned this yesterday in class doing the lessons one in the exercises.

  2. You guys are killing me with the me to comments be original :) I still love you guys though.
    Mr. Jordan

  3. you explained this very well. but i learned something just by reading your post thanks.

  4. I feel the same that I already know about bolding and underlining, etc. but this lesson did help me with understanding it's use more.

    ~ Erin